EKR Counseling Services is an agency that provides counseling that is spiritually-based utilizing evidenced based theoretical principles. Each client is viewed as unique and purposeful and provided care in an environment that is confidential, nurturing and comfortable to ensure specific needs are met. Areas of counseling expertise include:

  • Marital
  • Premarital
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Blended Family Integration
  • Post Traumatic and Veterans’ Issues

Therapists are uniquely gifted in helping others resolve relationship conflict in the areas of family of origin, dating, marital and families.

At EKR, we seek to assist clients with developing the necessary tools to become spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Care is provided by staff that is fully credentialed and knowledgeable. We understand that everyone faces times during their life’s journey where they may need extra support to move forward. We are privileged to assist you in determining the necessary steps to help you proceed on your journey.

You have taken the first step by researching therapists in the area. It’s no accident that you decided to read about EKR Counseling. I encourage you not to stop here. Contact me today at EKRCOUNSELING.COM or call  980-253-6516 so that we can begin a journey that leads to a happier and healthier you!