Job Hunting for Success

More than ever, there a need to be prepared for a job loss or the start of a new career. Many are not prepared for the inevitable call by management, “do you have a moment… we need to meet with you?” Below are a few steps to empower you.

Step 1: Is your resume an attention grabber?

  • When applying for positions, make sure your resume is tailored for the specific job position. For example, if the position is for an Accounting Manager and you have that experience, make sure your resume screams, “I am an Accounting Manager and this is my related experience.”

Step 2: Once you’ve gotten the interview, what to do next?

  • Always be prepared for an interview at any time. Have a designated outfit ready along with your resume in a portfolio prepared to walk out the door. Think of interviewing as being a volunteer fireman- when the alarm goes off, you need to geared up and ready to go. This preparation and responsiveness speaks volumes to employers- you can multi-task, have a sense of urgency, and maintain time-management well.

Step 3: What should I know when interviewing?

  • Be able to answer the recurring interview question, “so can you tell me a little about yourself?” The answer to this question should not be, “…well, I grew up in Lula, SC and when I was 5 years old I decided I wanted to be a teacher.” It is great that you had dreams and aspirations, however your audience wants to know about you and what you have to offer to the prospective company. This is called “the 30 second elevator speech!” Take time to know who you are and be able to convey concisely to others. You might be amazed of what you have to bring to the table.

Step 4: What do I do after the interview?

  • Immediately following the interview write notes about the interview while it is fresh on your mind. Remember both professional and personal conversations that were had during the interview. This is important for the next step, employers are always impressed when you recall a part of the conversation from your original meeting, it shows that you are engaged and are taking the process seriously.


Step 5: What should my attitude be like after no leads and no job offers?

  • The most important piece to this puzzle of the job finding process is your attitude! You are the CEO of You, Inc. What you have to offer and how you sell yourself is not in the resume, your outfit, but internal. Therefore, you have got to stay encouraged and positive. It exudes that you are an overcomer no matter what the obstacle.


Some information provided by EPIC Placement Services